How to get almost any colour of Fireplace Hearth or Surround!

Choosing the right stone can be as frustrating as choosing a pair of shoes!

Stone differs so much!

In fact, you can get one variety of stone, two sets and the stone will vary slightly on each..

How annoying? All you want, is the colour of your choice!


With Quartzite stone, this can be achieved!

red quartzite stone

Quartzite can be purchased in almost any colour, with many differing patterns… Checkout the image to the left, it’s of red quartzite (Prisma Rosso) – this colour could also be purchased with a clear pattern.

We recently designed a fireplace, for an Ultra-modern room, where the fireplace surround was in this colour – it was a Hole In The Wall design…

Although not my choice for a fireplace, I must say… The finished job was actually fantastic!

Buying Quartzite

I would advise having a browse round your local fireplace showroom, to see what is available – they would normally be able to order this stuff in, this is if they don’t have the colour you are after!

Be careful…

Quartzite can be expensive!  It’s adviseable to have a good shop around, if you are going to go for this as a choice!

Before you buy…

Make sure the same can’t be achieved with The Real McCoy!


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