Cleaning fireplaces with plant shine!

Following on from my last post: A bit of elbow grease!, I decided to post another good tip for cleaning / maintaining fireplaces – the cheaper way!


Go to your local garden centre and pick up some plant shine.. There have been some articles posted on the web, with instructions on how to prepare home-made plant shine, although, as I am not expert on plants and shining them, I will reserve judgement on these recipes ūüėČ

What I can tell you, is that some of the better; plant-shine-in-a-spray-can, products on the market, can be ideal for shining a fireplace!

An important point: Only certain parts of the fireplace can be shined using this method!!!

Please see the picture of the fireplace below, the RED ARROWS point to where you should spray – if you do happen to spray onto¬†any other part of the fireplace (other than mentioned here), don’t panic, but do try to¬†wipe off immediately!

Fireplace picture


It is worth consulting your local fireplace shop or showroom, or a fireplace specialist, before you use a particular product (a quick phone call will do), as some products could damage your fireplace!

Once you have selected your spray, you can start the fun part! ūüėČ

Spray on to the black surfaces¬†– try to do it with the windows open ūüėČ and then simply leave to dry!



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