How does Phurnacite differ from Anthracite?

‘ello Campers… 😉

Sorry it’s been a week or so since my last post – heck, things got hec-tic! 😉

Not a bad thing though – it’s better to be busy, than not busy ‘ey?

Right! On wit’ m’ story – Jacka’…

I was asked recently what the main differences were between phurnacite and anthracite – an inquisitive schoolboy, who had accompanied his father to look for a new fireplace…

Anyway, thought I’d post it up here as it did open up an interesting point!!

 Anthracite and Phurnacite image

So! What are the differences?

In a nut shell; Not much! 😉


Anthracite is natural!

It is one of the most purest forms of coal (i.e. between 92% and 98% carbon) and is extremely compact, whereas Phurnacite, is a tradename for Anthracite dust, compressed into a briquette…

Some useful points about Phurnacite:

  • Phurnacite is slow-burning
  • Phurnacite can be left to slumber for long periods, at low temperatures
  • Phurnacite is relatively low in cost
  • Phurnacite is ideal for solid fuel central heating systems!

Hope this is helpful? I know it’s been short, but sometimes… Short is sweet 😉

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