Cleaning your slate fireplace hearth

Hi readers!

I hope you are all well – I made a reply recently to a Forum about how the best way is to clean your slate fireplace hearth and I felt that it was worth putting a summary here as it may help some of my readers!

Don’t do’s

  1. Sour milk – Some people suggest this. Although I have never tried it, I would imagine that it could leave quite a stench in your house, considering the fact that you need to regularly clean your slate and the effects of sour milk would probably diminish after a few days too.
  2. Linseed Oil – I have also heard of people using this, but in my opinion, this type of oil is a little bit too thick and also can leave an unpleasant odour.

There are probably other oils that could be tried, but always be careful of odour and thinckness…

My cleaning method

  1. First wash the slate thoroughly with warm water and a drop of wash-up liquid
  2. Leave it to dry completely
  3. Apply Teak oil – this is normally available in larger DIY stores and in our opinion is the right viscosity – it is also a reasonable price and most of the pros use it – Some showrooms sell slate oil, but this does tend to be pricey and I really feel that Teak oil is a better choice and does a better job!
  4. Slate needs to be treated twice in the the beginning, but then apply the Teak oil every few months, or when it is required.

As a pointer, Olive oil could be used, but this is as a one-off, as the oil could also leave an unpleasant smell if over-used…

I hope this post has been useful?

Until next time…

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