Fireplace safety for Children and your Home

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Well, the Fireplace season is now upon us; the weather is turning colder and colder by the day and the need to turn up the heat is almost mandatory ;)…

With the increase of heat in your home fueled by your fires or stoves, there also comes an inherent safety increase that needs to be adhered to, especially if you have children.

A fireplace or stove can get very hot indeed and can be very interesting for kids – those moving flames and cozy heat, a child could easily sustain serious burns if they’re not kept at a safe distance!

A fireplace guard is the answer!

There are many fire guards available in the UK, from tradional to contemporary styles; fire screens, 3-fold, 4-fold, fire box-cages and more…

I remember as a young child, my Mother and Father had a brass fire cage that was large enough to fit over the fire, the hearth and extend the width of the mantel – we got rid of it in later years (i.e. put it in the garage) as they became more trusting; still, they used to get it out when younger cousins came to visit.

My cousin John was prone to getting into all sorts of mischief – lol nothing changes…

Other Things to consider:

  • Have you educated your family about fire safety?
  • Have you got smoke alarms?
  • Have you got, or considered getting a fire extinguisher?

Smoke Alarms need to be fitted in all rooms in the house, including the loft / attic – even fit one in the shed – fires can still happen in your back yard / garden.

Fire Extinguishers are a good idea – you don’t have to have the large industrial canisters – most large DIY stores sell smaller versions.

Fire safety education is a must – most local Fire Stations can give great advice on home fire safety, there are short courses and seminars that can be undertaken and the Internet can provide quite a good source (although be sure that the advice given is from a trusted UK site).

I hope this information is useful – and always remember to keep safe while you keep warm!

Over and out!

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