A good reason for a having a rear outlet flue

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Anyone got a stove / fire, or maybe thinking about getting one?

There are many stoves that By The Fireside have installed with top outlet flues; whereas, they tend to install less stoves with rear outlet flues – well I tell you what..

There is a pretty good reason why you would want to have a rear outlet flue!

As a spacer!

One of our newsest engineers went to see a customer on Monday; they had bought a stove from us and had tried to do a DIY job. I will say, from what my colleague said; they had actually done a pretty good job, but had come across a frustrating problem that required a little guidance.

They had installed their new stove successfully and also shaped and painted their top board. The stove looked great, but was in a slightly different position to the one designed for. The customer had mis-calculated the size of the stove, in comparison to the position of the top board – the result; the stove’s position was further into the chamber and therefore, out-of-view.

Their original design meant that their stove protruded a little from the chamber opening, so as to allow the stove and it’s flickering flames to be seen, thus being a main feature to their room.

The answer we gave and a method to be used to prevent too much top board alteration; use the rear outlet of the stove opposed to the top outlet.

By using our proposed method, meant their stove was required to be moved out slightly to allow for the pipe at the back and therefore shifting the stove’s new position to the preferred, forward position.

I am sure that they could have worked this all out for themselves – they were apparently pretty savvy; they just felt more comfortable with an engineer helping out.

I hope this tip helps you?

Take care, Buck

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