Free wood for our fireplace!!!

Did anyone get hit by the snow a few weeks back?

I know I am slightly belated talking about it, but I have been under the weather with this cold that is sweeping Britain at the moment..

Anyway, surrounding my house there are quite a few old trees – a few of the branches hang over our roof. When the snow came down it also pulled those overhanging branches down too – it was a bit scary really, as the branches weighed quite alot.

I was quite surprised at how long it took for the guys to come and remove the wood – it didn’t actually make any damage, which was lucky, but I think the the local tree surgeons had their work cut out for them – I heard reports of trees coming down all over Hertfordshire, so I think we were reasonably lucky..

Anyhow, as we own the trees that were damaged, the wood has become my new heating bill suppliment.. What a result eh?

It is illegal to take from a forest, but these are on my land, so alls well that ends well 😉

Hey has anyone else got any similar stories about the October snow?

Take care, Buck

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