Fireplace installation and gas pipe blockages

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Fireplace installations can sometimes be difficult and other times, really straight forward, but it can be really frustrating when you are faced with problems that are only indirectly associated with the installation, especially if the problems have been caused by a third party!

One of my colleagues was out performing an installation for a customer and had almost finished the installation, when he found that the gas flames on their new fire were behaving erratically.

He did a number of tests, including cutting and rejoining a section of pipe and blowing through the pipe, which resulted in dust dispersing from the pipe and given this, deduced that the gas pipe system had been contaminated with dust, probably caused by builders who inserted the pipe when the house was built.

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem, although with this said; my colleague has not come across this for some time now. Builders insert the pipes, by pushing them through stone, which sometimes results in dust from the brick / stone getting into the pipe.

After my colleague had cleared the immediate dust from the pipe, the flames unfortunately continued with the same behaviour – he then came to the conclusion that some rubble / dust must still be somewhere in the system.

This can be a very serious problem because at any time, this rubble may become lodged in a thinner pipe section, thus creating a blockage, resulting in a hefty bill for the customer – locating the actual blockage could be extremely difficult.

It is really the job of the builders who install the piping, to check and clear all dust and rubble from the piping, thus ensuring that this does not occur. Of course, not every builder is as thorough as the next and sometimes dust checking and cleansing is not done and therfore the gas engineer is left to rectify the problem.

Anyway, if you are to have a similar problem with flames from your gas fire, then this article may help you to come to a solution…

Take care for now!

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