Where to buy wood and Where to buy coal?

So, you are feeling the cold, have a need to turn up the heat, but… Gas is costing too much – 😦 seems to be a common story these days…

Don’t you think it’s ironic, that people of the UK are paying ‘through-the-nose’ prices, just to stay warm. The fact that stoves are making a real come-back is of little surprise and as such, I have been getting a lot of questions on where to buy wood and where to buy coal for stoves and fireplaces?

Actually, there are many places in the UK to buy timber for burning and coal too, although as you could probably imagine; with the influx of sales for stoves, the need for this kind of fuel has risen dramatically and to add to this, it is Autumn / Winter now and that also creates a need for the existing stove owners (not good).

As a word of advice; don’t go to the wood to get your wood – to my knowledge; this is illegal!

With this point in-mind, you can get pallet wood from a waste dumping site, normally for free – my mate is an Electrician and is always going to the local Dump – he often gets pallet wood for his stove…

Pallet wood is not really the best or most efficient form of wood for stoves as it burns quickly. My friend basically uses this wood and a bit of paper to get the fire roaring and then piles on the coal – the coal then stays burning for hours, but you do need the roaring fire to get it started, so therefore pallet wood does have its use and as it can be obtained free of charge, its a really good idea to say the least!

List of places of where to buy wood and where to buy coal

  1. The Internet – do a Google search
  2. Yellow Pages – go to yell.com
  3. Classified Ads – try Craigslist / Gumtree / Plus others
  4. Timber merchants
  5. Coal merchants
  6. Friends and family – ask around

It is extremely unfortunate (in my opinion) that many of the coal mines were shut and now there is a need for it… Laughable really… Not!

I hope this list helps..


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How does Phurnacite differ from Anthracite?

‘ello Campers… πŸ˜‰

Sorry it’s been a week or so since my last post – heck, things got hec-tic! πŸ˜‰

Not a bad thing though – it’s better to be busy, than not busy ‘ey?

Right! On wit’ m’ story – Jacka’…

I was asked recently what the main differences were between phurnacite and anthracite – an inquisitive schoolboy, who had accompanied his father to look for a new fireplace…

Anyway, thought I’d post it up here as it did open up an interesting point!!

Β Anthracite and Phurnacite image

So! What are the differences?

In a nut shell; Not much! πŸ˜‰


Anthracite is natural!

It is one of the most purest forms of coal (i.e. between 92% and 98% carbon) and is extremely compact, whereas Phurnacite, is a tradename for Anthracite dust, compressed into a briquette…

Some useful points about Phurnacite:

  • Phurnacite is slow-burning
  • Phurnacite can be left to slumber for long periods, at low temperatures
  • Phurnacite is relatively low in cost
  • Phurnacite is ideal for solid fuel central heating systems!

Hope this is helpful? I know it’s been short, but sometimes… Short is sweet πŸ˜‰

Take care,