A recommendation for the five most popular Huntingdon stoves

Hi All,

The following list describes my five most recommended Huntingdon stoves.

The Huntingdon 25

First of all, I am going to discuss the Huntingdon 25.

This stove is truely great! It provides almost all the features of the larger Huntingdon models, whilst at the same time being one of their smallest stoves available – the Huntingdon is suitable for burning wood, smokeless fuel or peat briquettes and has been designed with all decors in mind.

What a deal!

You get all that… 😉 and still in a small package!

The Huntingdon 28

The Huntingdon 28 is truely an elegant stove! With Gothic door mouldings complimented by reeded side panels, the ’28 really is a perfect design!

The Huntingdon 28, was designed with the latest advances in stove design technology and allows you to precisely adjust the flame picture via a single air control – Bonus!

This means that you can chill not with da still… And fully enjoy the movement of the flames!

The Huntingdon 30

Well… The Huntingdon 30 has a truely amazing heating capacity, making it one of the most ideal choices for a family home! It has no external riddling and comprises a single lever for flame and heat output levels, thus allowing you to control your own comfort – Thumbs-Up and Blue Flames eh?

Still with me?

The Huntingdon 35

Onwards and upwards… The Huntingdon 35 is available in a wood burning version with a solid cast iron base, or a multi-fuel version that incorporates external riddling. It also has a single air control for accurate regulation of the flames and combustion, meaning that this stove is a truely an efficient one!

The Huntingdon 40

And lastly… The Huntingdon 40… Probably the biggest Huntingdon stove available; and probably the most powerful too!

It comes with an immense 9kW heat output and could suit either a traditional inglenook or a contemporary fireplace setting, although in my opinion, it would be best suited to the larger room…

My Choice

My choice would have to be the Huntingdon 25, but I suppose it all depends on what you are looking for, or looking to achieve.

If it’s heat output and size you are looking for then the ’40 is prbably the one to go for – I just like small things I suppose…

Remember… 😉 All the best things come in small packages!

Take care for now,


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