A small fireplace stove problem and fix!

Hi Peeps 😉 What a lovely day it is!

It’s been fairly tough this week – had alot on and I am glad to be here sitting down writing this.

It’s nice to get on the computer sometimes, as it can really make a difference – I love the manual side of designing and building fireplaces, but it is nice to do something other than CAD, where y’ hands aren’t getting dirty… 😉 (this is of course assuming I have a clean keyboard)

I had an interesting problem to solve at a customers house on Thursday, I actually went with a colleague as a sort of advice giver. The paint on the customers flue had disolved, due to the sealant that was used to seal the base of the flue pipe, to the top of the stove.

It’s interesting because we normally purchase the sealant from a specialist wholesale outlet, but having run out unexpectedly, we had to purchase an off-the-shelf product – (I can’t disclose the company or product, for legal reasons).

The purpose of me telling you all this is; given it was a product that is sold to the public, it could be a problem you may encounter in the future. I must mention here; this has never happened to us before, so their must be an element in the “public” product, which is not in the “wholesale” product that can eat paint away…

Not good eh?

Anyway, once we had established what caused the damage to the flue pipe, it was a fairly simple process to rectify!

How we fixed it?

We laid dust sheets down – this is one of the most important things to remember, so as not to damage anything else in the room. We then sanded the flue pipe down around the area where the damage had occurred. Incidentally, we used P60 grade sand paper to start with, as this is coarse and then to finish, we used P120 grade sand paper as it is much smoother.

The next thing we had to do, was to spray the flue pipe black, to match the colour of the stove – this was done using matt black paint and I have to say, when finished, it truely was a centre-piece.

Anyway, if you ever encounter this problem and need a bit of advice before you do the job, then comment here and I will lend a hand ;)…

Have a good weekend!


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