Fireplace Seasons Greetings!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all fine, dandy and 🙂 happy!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, but I have been (yet again) really busy!

Surprisingly enough, we were pretty busy with fireplaces through most of the spring and summer months, which is saying something with recent market trends in mind…

What a week I have had! I have been in London installing a number of fireplaces in a new estate-build!

I find it quite interesting that at some point in the near future – a family or individual will be snuggled up warm in front of the fire that I installed – quite a comforting thought really!

The site manager was a great fella, he bought me a coffee in every morning and treated me as one of the lads, so although the work was incredibly tiring, the week did fly!

So, what have we been getting ready for?

Well, since the fireplace season is almost upon us; we have been updating our showroom, making several additions to our website, including a stoves information page and new additions to our catalogues and catalogues page – we have a number of new catalogues that are being prepared in PDF format, by our graphic designer, which will be uploaded to our website soon…

Our showroom designer has also been working very hard, (I must say)… He has really gone to town!

He’s been creating new displays and installing new fireplaces; one in particular I like a great deal, situated near the showroom entrance, it truly is fabulous – a Frederick Allen fireplace, that in my opinion would look amazing in a contemporary setting!

Next week is going to be really busy too. I have three fireplace installs in residential buildings and I am also in the process of designing a new hole-in-the-wall fireplace… I will keep you posted on this one, because I want to offer it in three differing sizes, so it’s a reasonable amount of work 😉

Such is life – the best things come to those who wait eh…

Anyway, I am off to have a shower – m’ missus and I are off for a meal tonight!

Take care and have a great weekend!

Buck 😉


Ring doves hatched near Dobbs Weir…

I made a post some time ago about some ring doves we found near Dobbs Weir in hertfordshire…

Well they’ve finally hatched!

A few of us have seen the dovlets 😉 walking along a local roof! I don’t think that they are ready to fly yet, as they haven’t made an attempt. (Well not to our knowledge anyway)

I saw the parents the other day too… I was driving my car to work and the parents flew right alongside my car – totally cool! They were almost gliding with a few flaps here-and-there, to keep them steady…

Birds are so lucky, don’t you agree? They can walk, fly and swim – I wish I could fly – that would be so cool! (I could then avoid the daily congestion lol)

I did wanna take some photos of the babies, but I didn’t wanna get too close – birds can be really protective, so I will leave it down to your imagination, that is unless I get a good opportunity, but heck – I don’t spend my days bird watching – 😉 I got fireplaces to design!

Anyway, I will do a third and final post on this, once they have flown the nest!

Ciao for now!

Buck 🙂

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